Conscious Grief Series 3

Day 1 with Megan Hilluka

Megan Hilluka

Megan Hillukka is a bereaved mother, with 7 children, one who died at 15 months old. Megan encourages and supports grieving mothers that though the worst thing has happened to them, their life is not over. Through her experience of the death of her daughter Aria, Megan has learned how to feel her emotions, be aware of her thoughts and how much they matter, and learned that grief is with her the rest of her life, and she can ride the waves of it. Because Megan has done the deep work of grief, she now has room for joy, laughter, hope, and so much fun in her life. She helps the moms she works with learn how to process and move through the emotions of grief, and provides a place of safety and compassion within grief, so that they too can feel themselves again and hope for their future.

Megan is offering 2 Months Free in Grieving Moms Haven Membership

Valued at $100, you can get two months for free through this link. That includes 6 coaching calls as we are in the middle of going through my Life After Child Loss Program together. We do guided meditations, tapping sessions, breath work, and have a safe space to talk through what’s coming up in your grief.

If you prefer a more solitary approach, there are many videos, resources, and audios inside of Grieving Moms Haven that can support you in your own time and way.