Conscious Grief Series 3

Day 18 with Lizzie Pickering

Lizzie Pickering


Lizzie is a Speaker, Grief Investigator, Film and Podcast producer.
Her main work these days is offering Grief Guidance to companies through presentations, podcasts and 1:1 sessions. Educating people about grief and helping them back to work following major life changes, from bereavement, to diagnosis, divorce and workplace change. Her clients are both UK based and global, from advertising agencies to law firms, investment banks, to clinicians in America. Lizzie is passionate about changing the landscape for people who have to face life and work when the rug has been pulled. With the knowledge that time doesn’t heal, and that people can become stuck in addressing their grief, she helps them to start conversations in their workplace, to understand the messy patterns and symptoms of grief and the importance of being non-judgmental. Her firm belief is that if grief is faced and worked through gradually, if people are well supported, there is a rich seam of energy to be found from surviving it to live well.