Conscious Grief Series 3

Day 22 with Ivy Sunderji

Ivy Sunderji

Ivy Sunderji is a writer, producer, professor, and evidential psychic medium living in Los Angeles, CA. She provides compassionate and empathetic medium and psychic readings for people around the world as an alternative form of grief support. She believes that a good evidential reading can be one way to find profound relief from the despair, fear, trauma, and existential dread that often accompanies grief. Her work as a writer includes television credits on two OWN series, GREENLEAF and DELILAH. A graduate of Dartmouth College, she earned an MFA in Writing for Screen and Television from USC’s School of Cinematic Arts, where she now also teaches part-time. She was widowed unexpectedly at the age of 35 when her life partner and soulmate, a beloved Santa Monica-based psychiatrist, passed away while enjoying his favorite sport, surfing. Ivy is a science-minded skeptic at heart who struggled throughout much of her life to make sense of her life-long mediumistic and psychic abilities inside the materialist world view in which she was educated. It was only through researching the topic of consciousness after her partner’s death that she discovered the mountain of compelling scientific research about psi phenomenon and finally gave herself permission to explore her own uncanny abilities and experiences. Holding space for the fact that there is still much we don’t know about the great mystery of existence, she has found a healthier, happier, and more integrated sense of self through training as a psychic medium with James Van Praagh, and she now works part-time as a psychic medium in addition to continuing her flourishing career as a writer and professor. She takes great joy in helping others by sharing her ability to consistently bring through specific evidence of survival of individual consciousness and healing messages from our loved ones on the “other side.” When she has free time, she usually spends it at the dog park with her goldendoodle Zooey, whose nickname is “The Ambassador of Joy.” 

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