Conscious Grief Series 3

Day 15 with Emma Conally-Barklem

Emma Conally-Barklem

Emma Conally-Barklem is a yoga teacher, writer, poet and grief activist based in the UK. Her mother died in 2018 which led to Emma writing her grief memoir ‘You Can’t Hug a Butterfly’. She delivered workshops on yoga and grief throughout lockdown to Cruse bereavement charity volunteers, has taught yoga for grief and writes about grief and mental health in her poetry. She is keen to help shift the unhelpful narratives about grief in society through her work.

She is currently working on a wellbeing programme for The Brontë Parsonage Museum, Haworth which connects mental wellbeing and yoga. Her debut chapbook collection, ‘The Ridings’ is due to be traditionally published by Bent Key Publishing. Her ‘Yoga for Grief’ classes can be found on her website and her YouTube channel, EmmaLiveYoga.

Yoga for Grief classes

Emma offers free ‘Yoga for Grief’ classes with free subscription on her YouTube channel.