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Conscious Grief Series 2 

Liz Murdoch

I’m a life long dog person with a Masters in International Education and Communication  from Teachers College at Columbia University, plus Continuing Education in Animal Communication and Energy Healing.  I live with my family plus 3 dogs, and find myself chatting with an animal every day, wherever I am in the world!

I’ve won dog training awards and certifications throughout my life and spent over 16 years teaching and training children and adults in Active Listening and accessing intuitive abilities. 

My professional training, experience and passion makes me uniquely qualified to support families, professionals, volunteers and animal rescue organizations seeking to enhance their relationships, better communicate and live in greater harmony with their dogs through all stages of life, in and out of the dog house.

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Seven Graham

Seven Graham, aka 7g, is an intersex, trans & nonbinary creativity, mental health, trauma, grief, authenticity, diversity and communications trail-blazer, from the UK, who works across all creative industries: TV, Film, opera, ethical advertising, Internet, radio, writing & podcasts.

Prior to transitioning, 7 was called Sarah Graham and was a respected communications and mental health advisor to the UK Gov.

Seven relocated to the USA in December of 2015 to get intersex, non-binary & trans stories told in Hollywood and work on the Alchemy of Authenticity with New Hollywood’s emerging creatives.

Experience in the UK/Europe:

Consultant to British Home Secretary & UK Home Affairs Select Committee, sitting on the Advisory Council on Misuse of Drugs, with special expertise in engagment with teens and youth & LGBTQiA+ communities.

Established and ran successful holistic health, events and communications company, *(Sarah-> Seven Graham Solutions).

Ran a backstage chill-out area for Amy Winehouse & band at Grammy’s in 2008.

Worked with Mitch Winehouse, on his documentary, My Daughter Amy Recovery & when Amy died helped the Winehouse family channel their grief into action, establishing the Amy Winehouse Foundation, 2011

Extensive communications/ journalism & story telling experience, e.g lead spokesperson for UK Gov. and consultant for all youth health national media drugs and mental wellness campaigns.

Seven wrote his play Angels Are Intersex about the grief of having his testes removed without consent as a child and being an intersex human in a pink and blue boxes Western world. They continue to process this trauma & create laughter on stage as the world’s 1st Out Intersex stand-up comedian appearing regularly at The Comedy Store.

They Executive Produced Ponyboi the world’s first intersex narrative movie, and the first intersex advert for Badoo dating app.

They have many projects in development in TV, film and an opera about the tragic intersex life of Herculine Barbin.

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Alchemy of Authenticity

Seven Graham will gift a 50-minute one-on-one Zoom session to the first 7 people who watch their full conversation with Tara and feel they will really benefit from this time.

Seven will gift 15 mins with each additional person to give a steer on how to shift into Alchemy of Authenticity & living a creative life.