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Conscious Grief Series 2 

Randi Pearlman Wolfson

Randi Pearlman Wolfson is a Los Angeles based grief educator and author. After experiencing the death of her dad when she was ten years old, it became her life-long dream to provide hope and healing to grieving children and adults. For nearly twenty years, she has educated the community, including mental health professionals, clergy, students, teachers, and various other professionals, on the topic of grief.

As founder/writer at Grief & GRITS on Facebook and Instagram, Randi provides a caring heart and voice for grievers. She is the author of “Eddie’s Brave Journey: How one little elephant learned all about grief” a story for the littlest of grieving hearts. To learn more about her book please go to: EddiesBraveJourney.com

Miriam Jacobson

Miriam is a triple certified functional medicine dietitian, breathwork facilitator, writer, and the founder of Every Body Bliss.

She believes that healing is a beautiful and messy process and that there are many different layers to healing, both physically and energetically. Miriam’s early experiences with trauma and loss have helped her understand the importance of holding ourselves with softness, compassion and curiosity. Miriam supports individuals on their healing journey using a combination of nutritional therapy, mindset coaching, and breathwork.

Read Miriam’s Huffington Post article here.

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