Welcome to Day 3 of the

Conscious Grief Series 2 

Paula Majeski

Paula is a renaissance woman, a healer, writer, poet, and artist. She is blessed to have a wide range of gifts, talents, and abilities that all support her in creating the experiences of God, connection, loving, and blessings within herself and with others. She is a student of life, constantly learning new things. She graciously acknowledges the strength of heart and power of love that reside in each person and assists them in seeing, accepting, and owning their gifts.

She holds a doctorate in Spiritual Science from the Peace Theological Seminary & College of Philosophy and a master’s degree in Spiritual Psychology with an emphasis in Consciousness, Health, and Healing from the University of Santa Monica. Through these two programs, Paula cultivated her healing gifts and strengthened her intuitive abilities and found ways to live more fully in the present moment, knowing herself as a divine being having a human experience.

She calls herself a “facilitator of the healing consciousness.” which she defines as one who assists others in awakening more fully into their own hearts, into their authentic nature, owning their gifts and expressing them into the world bringing them more alive and present in the opportunity to experience grace. Bringing others to their gifts and bringing them alive is the experience that brings her most alive.

Paula works with individuals, couples, groups, and classes on many topics including how to thrive as an empath, the energetics of being a lightworker, and working with life transitions. Human beings are often responding to transitions in our lives. Paula works with people with life threatening illness, preparing for childbirth, grief, and loss and how to create and thrive in new ways by awakening to innate gifts and abilities and bringing yourself and your gifts into the world in new ways.

Paula clearly sees the gifts and blessings that others have as part of their natural expression and thrives on assisting them in finding greater connection with themselves, their gifts, and their loving; by supporting them in stepping more fully into their talents and abilities. She believes that supporting others in claiming their gifts and blessings, adds to the loving that we are all here to create which she believes this life is all about.

Uma Girish

Uma Girish is a Spiritual Mentor for women who have known deep loss but also know there’s a deeper purpose to their lives. She guides them on the journey from pain to purpose so they can create a life they desire in service to their soul’s calling.

Uma is a Hay House author and has published three books, two of them finalists in the Chicago Book Awards. She facilitates small-group programs and 1:1 mentoring opportunities for those who wish to deepen their human-divine journey. Uma currently lives with her husband in Dusseldorf, Germany.

Meditation: Invisible Losses

One of the main reasons we fail to grieve fully is because we tend to compare our losses with others’. We also tend to minimize our smaller losses in the face of another’s mega loss like a death or divorce. This meditation will help you connect with those “invisible” losses you have, likely, dismissed, ignored, or forgotten.