Welcome to Day 11 of the

Conscious Grief Series 2 

Trish Whelan 

Trish is a a multi dimensional energy healing therapist, who teaches Shamanic Kundalini Yoga and Reiki alongside leading healing retreats and programmes around the world.

Trish has been practising the healing arts for 20 years and teaching Kundalini Yoga and hosting retreats since 2013.
¨Healing is absolutely my main focus and I work with an open heart to facilitate helping people embrace life and move further along their own path to happiness, harmony, joy and love¨
It was an honour to have been invited to join Tara to discuss conscious grief.

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    Sara Cobb

    Sara J. Cobb is the Founder of My Grief Connection, a hub of grief resources and a growing support community. She felt called to connect fellow grievers with resources to find hope and healing after loss following the tragic deaths of her two older brothers, 43 years apart – one by a freak accident and one in a murder-suicide.

    Her passion and advocacy for grief literacy and mental health education grew from a combination of her interests, strengths, and life experiences. In the fall of 2021, she returned to university to pursue a Master’s of Science in Counseling Education with a focus on Clinical Mental Health Counseling in grief, crisis, and trauma. Sara is also the co-leader of a virtual support group for survivors of murder-suicide loss.

    Connect with Sara  on social media, visit www.mygriefconnection.org or email her at [email protected].

    Finding the Right Grief Counselor

    This Finding the Right Grief Counselor pdf download is a guide with tips on what to look for when trying to search for a grief counselor that is a good fit for your needs. It also includes a list of therapist directories and online counseling services.

      Lotte Bowser

      Lotte Bowser is a 31-year old widow, writer, speaker and non-profit founder.

      In November 2020 she lost her fiance to stage 4 cancer and severe COVID-19 disease at the height of the pandemic. Just 10 months later, her father passed away shortly after a late stage Alzheimer’s and terminal cancer diagnosis. Over the last year she has advocated for better grief literacy and has released an interactive workbook to support others in the midst of loss.