day 1 with charlotte maya
& robert pardi

day 1 with charlotte maya
& robert pardi

Charlotte Maya

Charlotte’s Free Gift For You

Charlotte will be sending the first 5 people a copy of her book, Sushi Tuesdays!

About Charlotte

Charlotte Maya was born and raised in California. She received her B.A. from Rice University in Houston, Texas, and her law degree from UCLA. She practiced Trust and Estate Planning law until deciding to raise a family. Widowed at 39 when her children were six and eight as a result of her husband’s suicide, Maya writes about suicide loss, resilience and hope on her blog, Charlotte’s writing explores the intersections of grief, parenting and self-care, particularly within the context of suicide. Her work has been highlighted in the New York Times (Modern Love), Hippocampus Magazine and on The Mighty, and she has been featured on the A2A Alliance and the Your Next Chapter podcast with Angela Raspass. Charlotte lives in Southern California with her family and enjoys hiking in the local foothills, as well as downward dogging with her so-called hunting dog.

Robert Pardi

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Possibility Fables
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About Robert

Robert is one of those rare individuals who embraces change and lives by a philosophy which he calls Possibility in Action™.

Robert Pardi is a three-time Author, well-known compelling International Keynote Speaker, Transformational Life Coach, and Adjunct Professor.

After his young wife passed away from metastatic breast cancer, Robert reimagined his life and decided to leave the world of finance in order to share the many lessons he learned throughout his life’s journey. This journey included intentionally crafting the next chapter of his life by dismantling limiting beliefs, interrupting habitual thinking, understanding the story he wanted to look back on, and realizing it is in taking the chance where all our power lies.

Robert has an MBA in finance from Columbia University. Prior to his dramatic life change, Robert was a Senior Portfolio Manager for the Abu Dhabi Investment Authority, Co-Founder and C.O.O. of Evolvence Capital, and mentor to many young business executives. He has lived in Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Rome, and now lives in Abruzzo, Italy.

Outside of traditional coaching, Robert provides an array of interesting personal growth experiences such as intimate and private personal growth retreats in Italy, essential living workshops, as well as micro video mindset modules. You can read more about him and his work at




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