Previous Conscious Grief Series


The inaugural Conscious Grief Series launched in 2021. With 25 speakers and thousands of participants, I knew that these conversations were exactly what people just like you were missing.

Conscious Grief Series 2 debuted in January of 2022 with 20+ new speakers, new conversations and new portals into healing unlocked.

Conscious Grief Series 3 ran in June of 2022 with 22 speakers including a couple of fan favorites from previous series!

All of these interviews are available to you whether you were able to join us live for these events or not.

Learn more about each series below and don’t forget to join the waitlist to be the first to know about Conscious Grief Series 4 which is coming soon!

The inaugural Conscious Grief Series took place in the spring of 2021. Featuring 25 speakers on various topics including:

  • How acupuncture and Chinese medicine can help us in grief
  • How to cope with anxiety in grief
  • Conscious Dying and Home Funerals
  • Grieving Suicide Death
  • Grieving children, spouses and parents
  • How to prepare for a good death
  • How connecting to the afterlife can give us hope
  • Grieving our beloved animals
  • Kundalini Yoga and grief
  • Grief Recovery Method
  • Grieving a still born baby

We kicked off 2022 with Conscious Grief Series 2  with 23 NEW speakers featuring:

  • How Grief Yoga can be supportive
  • How Breathwork can help
  • The Soul Journey
  • Traumatic Grief
  • Adults bereaved as children
  • Grieving & sexual identity
  • Grieving homicide suicide
  • Grieving pets

Conscious Grief Series 3 continued to be a wonderful array of speakers covering:

  • How children grieve differently
  • Parents grieving children
  • Grieving the loss of your spouse
  • Sibling grief
  • Grieving loss of parents
  • Instagram grief community
  • Animals grieve as well
  • How mediumship supports grief
  • Grief & Anger
  • Grief & Sobriety
  • Grief & Aging

Conscious Grief Series 4 is Coming Soon!

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