Conscious Grief Series 3

Day 7 with Cheryl Fidelman

Cheryl Fidelman
The Conscious Codependence Coach

Cheryl’s mission is to eradicate Trauma from the human condition one nervous system at a time. She is a leader & thought provoker in the Human Potential Movement and believes that Codependence is the most obvious way that we demonstrate our unhealed Trauma in relationship with others. Conscious Codependence is a methodology that she has developed that heals trauma from the nervous system such that her clients can be who they were innately born to be – NOT who they were traumatized into being. “Trauma steals our potential. In my work, we steal it back.”

The 3 Tenets Of Conscious Codependence

A PDF worksheet that breaks down and gives an overview of Cheryl’s 3 Tenets Of Conscious Codependence PLUS the option for a free Conscious Codependence consultation.