Welcome to the Conscious Grief Series!

Hi, my name is Tara Nash. As a Spiritual Psychologist & Conscious Grief Guide I have found that there is a well of opportunity in consciously processing grief.

That well is so often bypassed by busyness, being strong and simply avoiding pain & sadness because it feels so HARD.

But what I have found through my own grieving and the grieving of those that I coach is that there are gems in the sadness. Grief can be our greatest teacher, pointing you towards your own growth and the limitless amount of love that resides inside of you.

I have been an orphan for half of my life. My father died suddenly of a heart attack when I was 9 and years later my mother got breast cancer and died when I was 21. And trust me, I did NOT want to grieve. For years, I was unconsciously grieving and running from grief, from the depths of my co-dependence to alcohol and food dependency and workaholism.

When I was finally ready to open and heal, I did not feel so alone and crazy anymore.

This series explores ALL kinds of grief because loss comes in many different forms – from death to relationships to dementia, to aging, getting sober, losing jobs and so on. 

This is why I have organised this free event, so that YOU can have a guide on how to navigate grief consciously. We have all experienced some form of loss and I believe that if we grieve consciously, we will be healthier, happier, and more connected human beings.

I am so excited to share these interviews with you! In this series you will hear personal stories from 25+ experts ranging from coaches, therapists, authors, mediums and many more. They will share their experience of how they navigated this hard process we call GRIEF.

There will also be free gifts from many of the speakers, so do not miss out on tools to help you while you grieve.

Are you ready to join the conscious grief movement?

To get access to this free event, just enter your name and email to the right or below and I will send you an email with all the details.

I will see you on the 17th February!

Tara x


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"As a Grief, End of Life Doula and Hospice Volunteer, the topic of these interviews were so varied and the interviewees were knowledgeable, excellent conversationalists holding my interest through each of CGSeries offerings. Tara you are a perfect soul to host these awesome Series. Thank You."

– Maxine Kilbourn, MI, USA

"All very enlightening, I learned alot about myself and where I am in the grieving process."

– Jennifer Moore, USA

“Thanks Tara for hosting and organising this. It is a gift that makes a difference! Thanks again."

– Steve Shellabear, UK

“The series was brilliant and covered a lot of topics that I had not thought about. Thank you very much Tara!"

– Diana Ellergodt

"I loved this series, I so hope you do more!"

– Sonny Milne, Canada

"You are a top interviewer and your love and kindness are felt. Thank you this series."

– Claire Vileg, The Netherlands

"I enjoy hearing everyone’s stories and you create a space for them to be vulnerable and open their heart to speak their truth. This has been of great service to me Tara and I so appreciate the work you do."

— Susan Henderson Frank

"Loved it all! So much to think about. So many angles. I have told many people about it and shared the link with a few. THANK YOU TARA!"

– Gail Mardfin, USA